Aqua Announces 2018 Mentor Water System Projects

Aqua is announcing their 2018 water system improvement projects for the Mentor water system. The projects involve the replacement of 7,700 linear feet of aging, undersized water mains, the installation 22 new fire hydrants and other related infrastructure.

“Aqua is continually focused on improving service reliability and water flows, especially for high demand events like fire fighting. We take a strategic approach to main replacement investing where we really need to while keeping the impact on rates in mind.” said Aqua’s area manager, Bill Bowers. “At the water treatment plant we invest to be prepared for ever-tightening standards so that we can assure we are delivering water that meets all regulations today and tomorrow.”

There are three major water main projects planned for 2018 in the system:

  • Johnnycake Ridge Road-involves replacing 2,300 feet of 50-year-old, 10-inch cast iron pipe with 12-inch ductile iron pipe between Brentwood Drive & Deepwood Boulevard. This project will replace 4 fire hydrants and install 5 new hydrants. ($560,000)
  • Perkins Drive & Low Ridge Lane-involves replacing 3,600 feet of an old well system that once served the neighborhood, with 8-inch ductile iron pipe from Johnnycake Ridge Road north on Low Ridge and connecting to the existing Aqua water main on Perkins Drive. This project will add 6 new fire hydrants. ($648,000)
  • Hopkins Road-involves replacing 1,800 feet of 60-year-old 10-inch cast iron pipe, with 16-inch ductile iron pipe. This project will replace 2 fire hydrants and install 4 new hydrants ($683,250)

The company also plans to make significant upgrades to the water treatment plant serving the area including:

  • New Carbon Feed System is to enable improved treatment for potential harmful algae blooms in Lake Erie. ($400,000)
  • Filter Media and Under-drain Replacement to improve reliability of 3 filters, which are critical for improving overall water quality for customers throughout the service area. ($190,000)

All of the projects are expected to be complete by the end of October 2018. Customers along the construction routes will receive new company service connections.  While short-term localized service interruptions are expected, the company will communicate with residents individually about planed outages.


Customers who have questions about these projects should call the project construction coordinator, Sue Pawlowski at 440-255-3984. Those with other Aqua related questions should call the Aqua Customer Service Center toll-free at 877.987.2782.