City of Mentor Phone System Upgrade

We wish to advise the public that the City phone system is currently being upgraded and that the new system is scheduled to go live today (June 27, 2017) at 4:00 PM.

During the transition, some callers may experience a busy signal when attempting to reach direct-dial numbers related to city facilities and administrative offices. If you get a busy signal, please try your call again at a later time.

Phone numbers related to Mentor safety forces WILL NOT be affected.

Emergency Calls                911
Police Non-Emergency  (440) 255-1234
Fire Non-Emergency      (440) 255-1212

Please do not call these numbers for routine city business as it may affect the ability for dispatch personnel to focus on emergencies.

The process should be completed this evening.  Some intermittent issues may occur as the system is migrated.

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