Help Reduce Winter Pollutants

The winter season brings plenty of cold weather, ice, and snow around here.

As the ground freezes, it loses its natural ability to filter pollutants which end up accumulating in snow banks and ice throughout the winter. As a result, the grit, grime, dirt, and salt, are released into our storm water system during the spring thaw. Please follow these steps to help reduce the amount of pollution during winter months:

  • When shoveling, remove as much ice as possible, then apply salt sparingly and sweep up any spilled or excess amounts of salt. A little goes a long way!
  • Use environmentally friendly alternatives to salt. Sand can be used to help deice as well as provide traction on driveways and sidewalks. But remember to sweep it up after the ice has melted to prevent it from washing off into nearby drainage ways.
  • Pick up pet waste immediately. Don’t leave it buried in the snow. Animal waste is a significant source of bacteria!
  • Clean your car at a commercial car wash where the soapy water drains to a waste water treatment facility.
  • Check vehicles for leaking oils and fluids. Also, dispose of drained fluids properly. Many service
    stations will collect your used motor oil.

Do your part to help keep Mentor’s waterways clean! For more information, contact the City of Mentor Building and Engineering Department at (440) 255-1100.

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