City Departments

All administrative offices are located within the Mentor Municipal Center, 8500 Civic Center Boulevard, Mentor, Ohio 44060. Offices are open weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The main number is (440) 255-1100.

City offices are closed on the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, and the day following Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day.


Kenneth J. Filipiak, City Manager
Tony Zampedro, Assistant City Manager

The City Manager is the chief executive officer and head of the administrative agencies of the city of Mentor. The City Manager is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the activities of all municipal operations. The City Manager appoints all department heads and employees, ensures that all laws and ordinances governing the city are faithfully enforced, recommends to the City Council such measures or actions which appear necessary or desirable, recommends municipal ordinances and regulations, implements policies established by City Council, prepares and submits to Council the administrative budget and capital improvement program, and performs other activities as provided in the City Charter. The City Manager also serves as the Director of the Department of Public Safety, which includes both the Police and Fire Departments.

Organizational Chart

The City Manager is appointed by City Council, and is a professional public administrator chosen for his expertise, educational background and prior managerial experience. Call (440) 974-5790, e-mail or leave a voice message by calling the Customer Service Line anytime at (440) 974-5792.

The following divisions are part of the City Manager’s Office:

• Human Resources is responsible to the City Manager in areas relating to recruitment, testing and selection; labor relations; equal employment opportunity; employee development and training; employee compensation; safety, and the processing of accident and injury reports. Job vacancies are advertised in local newspapers and are posted on The Mentor Channel 12, or by visiting the Employment page. Call (440) 974-5795 or

• Information Technology provides the technology infrastructure and systems that are reliable, long-term, financially viable and secure. Technical support services to city departments include application design and development, post implementation support and training, process analysis, technical consulting and project management.

• Public Information oversees the city’s marketing, community relations and communications efforts which include the production of city newsletters, promotional brochures, city web site, the operation of Mentor Radio 1620, the creation of informational videos, employee training videos and general advertising. The Office also oversees The Mentor Channel 12, the city’s Facebook and YouTube accounts and serves as the cable/video liaison to assist residents with cable related issues. View the 50th Anniversary Issue of Mentor City Magazine. Call (440) 974-5794 or e-mail the office at


Ronald M. Traub, Director

The Economic & Community Development Department addresses planning & zoning, economic development, and other related matters, including Property Maintenance. The Department is involved in day-to-day development concerns, as well as long-range land use issues and provides staff support to the Municipal Planning Commission and the Board of Building and Zoning Appeals (BZA). Call (440) 974-5740, or e-mail

• Economic Development’s focus is to help establish and maintain a diversified economic base with an emphasis on retention and expansion of existing businesses, while attracting new growth-oriented industries. The office also provides staff to the Mentor Economic Assistance Corporation (MEACO), the city’s SBA 504 loan program.

• The function of Planning & Zoning is zoning code enforcement, issuing sign and fence permits and preparing planning reports and studies dealing with rezoning, subdivision and site plans, conditional use permits, signage, etc.

• The function of Property Maintenance is code enforcement for the upkeep and maintenance of property within the city, as well as administration of the multi- and single-family rental inspection programs. Call (440) 974-5792 to report any property maintenance concerns including tall grass, standing water and illegally parked cars.


Dave Swiger, City Engineer

This Department oversees the city’s capital improvements process and program, regulates public and private utility work within the public right-of-way, and oversees building construction to community standards to facilitate the safety of homes and buildings. Call (440) 974-5785, or e-mail

• Engineering is involved with all utility and publicly or privately funded roadway construction in Mentor, both in reviewing and approving the construction plans, and inspecting the construction work performed. It is also involved with planning future public improvements, including stormwater management and traffic control projects. It also reviews all residential, commercial and industrial site plans for conformance with the Mentor Code of Ordinances and Engineering standards. Administration of the residential drainage assistance program is also handled by Engineering.

• Building is involved in all activities associated with residential and commercial building construction, including reviewing plans for conformance with building codes and performing on-site inspections to monitor for compliance with the building codes. Staff members assist the public by answering building-related questions and offering interpretations regarding compliance with building codes.


David Malinowski, Director

The Finance Department’s chief responsibility is the accounting for the city’s financial transactions. Day-to-day budget administration, payment of bills, preparation of payroll, maintenance of fixed asset records, receipt of monies, municipal income tax enforcement, auditing, debt administration, city insurance, and reporting the city’s financial condition constitute the work of the Finance staff. Call (440) 974-5770, or e-mail Click here to view the 2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).


Fire Chief Robert Searles

Under the direction of the Fire Chief, the administrative and command staff is responsible for organizing, directing and coordinating all fire resources to accomplish the mission of saving lives and property of the community. Mentor’s five fire stations are located throughout the city and are each staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call (440) 974-5765, or e-mail

• Fire & Rescue provides life-saving and property protection services including the handling of fires, rescues, medical and sudden mechanical emergencies, hazardous materials and natural disasters.

• Fire Prevention & Education enforces the Fire Safety Code and the Ordinances of the city through routine safety inspections to reduce the chance of fire. Public Education provides safety classes to schools, businesses, community and civic groups and works with the Fire Prevention Bureau on Juvenile Firesetter Counseling Programs.

• The Training Division provides continuous in-service and specialized training for all members of the Fire Department.


Kenneth Kaminski, Director

This department is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Mentor residents. A wide variety of recreational and cultural activities, special events and special-use facilities are provided to residents of all ages. For details on the hundreds of recreational programs offered in Mentor, visit Play. The department is also responsible for the maintenance and development of all city-owned buildings. Call (440) 974-5720, or e-mail


Police Chief Kevin Knight

Under the direction of the Chief of Police, the Administrative Staff is responsible for organizing, directing, and coordinating Police resources to serve all citizens of Mentor. Call (440) 974-5760 or e-mail

• Patrol Services Bureau is responsible for the protection of life and property, the preservation of peace, repression of crime, apprehension of criminal suspects, prevention of delinquency, traffic direction and control, accident investigation and traffic law enforcement. (440) 974-5760

• Detective/Juvenile Bureau is responsible for follow-up investigations of all major felony crimes that occur in the School District, Lake County Juvenile Court and other youth service organizations in the community. (440) 974- 5763

• Records Section provides information to support the Police Department and assist the general public. (440) 974-5762

• Police/Fire Communications receives information and requests from the public and dispatches calls to Police and Fire personnel.

• Community Services develops and facilitates a strong working relationship between the citizens and the Police Department. (440) 974-5760

• Corrections provides for the safety and security of the Mentor City Jail and for the care of inmates. (440) 974-5757

• Victim Assistance Program serves victims of crime through information, crisis intervention, referrals and court advocacy. (440) 205-2438


Matt Schweikert, Director

This department is responsible for the administration and maintenance of roadways, parks, storm drainage, street lighting, traffic control, Public Works buildings, equipment maintenance, recycling, yard waste collection and litter prevention education programs. Various capital improvement projects for drainage and roadway improvements are funded in the Public Works budget and administered in concert with the Engineering Department.

Public Works also aids, assists, and constructs improvements for other city departments. Staff, equipment, and materials are utilized to support the daily and/or emergency requests from other departments. Call (440) 974-5781 or e-mail

• Road crews maintain and repair about 220 miles of city streets and state highways within Mentor, including patching, seal-coating, paving, curbing, sweeping, removing dead animals, roadside mowing, snow and ice control, crack sealing, and guardrail installation and repairs.

• Parks maintenance crews work to improve the quality of Mentor’s urban setting through the proper care and preservation of open space and conservation areas. Staff maintains all parks, municipal grounds, roadside areas and athletic fields.

• Storm Drainage crews maintain and install various types of improvements including pipe installation, replacements, repair and ditch excavations.

• Equipment Maintenance Division is responsible for the maintenance and repair of 100 large motorized vehicles and 200 other pieces of equipment utilized throughout the year by city departments.

• Traffic Division maintains, operates and installs traffic signals, signs, and pavement markings.

• Street Lighting is provided on a special assessment basis with the costs for installation and maintenance of the lights and appurtenances charged against a special account.

• Recycling/Solid Waste Division coordinates all recycling and solid waste activities including education, litter prevention and household hazardous waste collections. Curbside recycling is contracted to a private hauler.