A Building Permit Application is required for all construction, such as: decks, pools, siding, sheds, porches, enclosures, etc. Applicants for accessory-type structures need to provide two copies of the construction drawings consisting of a site plan that shows where the structure will be situated on the property and the distance from all property lines. Plans must also show how the structure will be built (materials used, etc.). Once submitted, the plan review process takes about five working days. Permits for sheds built from a kit can be obtained at the time of submission. A permit fee is charged, along with a refundable construction deposit, which can be returned if the structure passes all inspections.

Refer to the booklet, Before You Build: A Guide to Residential Permits.

General and Trade Contractors Must be Registered with the City of Mentor

The City of Mentor registers all General Contractors and trade contractors who perform services such as plumbing, electrical, heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC), fire protection, right-of-way (site utilities and paving), and lawn sprinklers. All contractors within the City of Mentor, who contract with the general public, are required to register with the City prior to performing any work (per Mentor Code of Ordinances 925, 1307 and 1309).

As part of the requirements for registration, contractors must have the ability to interpret construction plans and specifications, show proof of liability insurance, and submit a registration bond on Mentor’s Surety Bond Form to assure that they will comply with Mentor’s codes and ordinances. The City also records the contractor’s business address and phone number. Many contractor advertisements state that they are “bonded and insured,” but a bond is written for a specific purpose and their bond may not protect you as the owner.

Mentor also requires that the specialty trade contractors (plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and fire protection) also show proof of a license issued by the State of Ohio, per section 1309 of the Mentor Code of Ordinances. The State of Ohio Construction Industry Examining Board also requires that plumbing, electrical and HVAC contractors obtain a state license. Under State regulations, such contractors must display their state contractor license numbers on ads and on their vehicles.

If you are advised by an unregistered contractor to obtain a permit under your own name, be aware of the responsibilities and risks you are taking. If you are not performing the work yourself then you may be falsifying the permit application, which is falsifying a Public document and may void the permit. If you contract and pay anyone to perform work, then that contractor must be registered with the City of Mentor.

If you have any questions, or would like to request a current list of registered contractors, send an e-mail to or call (440) 974-5785.


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Zoning Permits

  1. Accessory Buildings (Residential)
  2. Appeal/Variance (BZA)
  3. Architectural Review/Reimaging
  4. Conditional Use Permit (CUP)
  5. Driveway (Residential)
  6. Fence Permit
  7. Final Site Plan & Architectural Review
  8. Final Subdivision Application & Checklist
  9. Home Occupation
  10. Minor Subdivision
  11. Miscellaneous Review
  12. Preliminary Site Plan
  13. Preliminary Subdivision Application & Checklist
  14. Prereview
  15. Re-Occupancy
  16. Rezoning
  17. Sign

Engineering & Building Permits

Building Permit Application
Electrical Permit
HVAC Permit
Plan Review Permit
Plumbing Permit
ROW General Conditions
ROW Permit
Site Grading Permit

Contractor Registration

Contractor Registration Form
Income Tax Registration Form

Vacant Dwelling Registration Form

Vacant Property/Building Registration Form
Vacant Property/Building Request For An Exemption Form

Miscellaneous Permits

Block Party Permit

Garage Sale
A permit is not required for a garage sale, but no more than three sales are permitted per property in a given calendar year. More details on the Ordinances page of this site.

Solicitor’s Permit
Applications for permits to solicit door-to-door in residential areas are to be submitted to the Records Department of the Mentor Police Department between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Applications may be obtained by either visiting the Records Department or by downloading the application from this site.

When a completed application is returned to the Police Records Department, each applicant must include a CCH (Computerized Criminal History) on themselves that includes a FBI and BCI search. These may be obtained at the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles or any of the providers shown on the website at the following link: CCH Providers.  The applicant will then be notified as to a date and time to visit the Mentor Police Records Department to have a picture and a fingerprint taken, prior to issuing the permit.

The fee for the applicant is $100.00 plus $25.00 for each additional person listed on the application, paid by cash or check (payable to the City of Mentor) at the time the permit is issued. The permit is valid for six months from the date of issue.

Taxi Permit

Trees on Right-of-Way/Treelawn
Please contact the Public Works Department at 974-5780 or before removing or planting trees in the right-of-way or treelawn.