Mentor Weather Stations Data

Having access to accurate weather data can aid a community in planning projects, predicting needs and taking emergency action. The city has recently installed weather stations on the roof of each of its five fire stations to better assist in long range planning, especially for road and drainage projects.

The data is collected and then transferred to a computer network for distribution to city departments. The data is also being shared with the general public.

The following links will allow you to view the data collected at each of the stations  in real time. By clicking on the Summary at the top of the screen, you can get almost real time weather
information for that weather station. The rainfall rate in inches per hour will update automatically approximately every seven minutes. Refreshing the screen will pull in updated data. This system went live Wednesday July 10, 2012, so we do not have past data from any of the five stations. However, you can view monthly climate summaries dating to 2006 by visiting Mentor Ohio Weather.

Fire Station No. 1

Fire Station No. 2

Fire Station No. 3

Fire Station No. 4

Fire Station No. 5