ODOT to reduce speed limit on I-90 in Lake County for winter months

Motorists that frequently travel I-90 through Lake County will soon notice a change in the speed limit. The Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) will temporarily reduce the speed limit to 60 mph between SR 91 and approximately five miles east of Vrooman Road.

The idea to reduce the speed limit during the winter months was developed after many discussions between ODOT and the Lake County Sheriff’s Office regarding crashes that took place on this section of highway. Crash data during winter weather conditions from 2005-2015 were analyzed to consider appropriate limits for the reduction based on where the most crashes have historically occurred. The temporary 60 mph speed limit matches the posted speed limit in the rest of the urban area of greater Cleveland.

“In my opinion, speed is the primary contributing factor to the severity of the crashes that have taken place,” said Daniel A. Dunlap, Lake County Sheriff. “We need to do everything possible to reduce the number and severity of collisions on I-90.”

This temporary speed limit revision was signed by the Director of Transportation on January 10, 2017 and the signage is scheduled to be updated – weather dependent – by Friday, January 20. The reduced speed limit will be in place through the end of winter, but no later than April 1, 2017. At that time, the prior speed limit for each respective section of I-90 will be put back into place.

“During major snow events this corridor is well known for heavy snow squalls,” said Myron Pakush, District 12 Deputy Director. “We hope that by temporarily reducing the speed limit in this area for the winter months that motorists will understand the importance of driving for the conditions.”

Also in an effort to help improve safety along the I-90 corridor, ODOT is expanding coverage of its Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). New traffic cameras will be installed at Riverside Drive, Hermitage Road, SR 86 (Painesville-Warren Road) and the Ashtabula/Lake county line. Two new dynamic message signs will be installed eastbound at Riverside Drive and Hermitage Road and one westbound at the Ashtabula/Lake county line. New road and weather information system stations will monitor visibility and precipitation at Hermitage Road, Paine Road and the Ashtabula/Lake county line.