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In the Kitchen                                                  
Adults 16+
Judi Strauss has all new cooking demonstration classes for you to enjoy! Judi’s classes are a great way to learn new cooking techniques, taste new recipes and experience cooking in a fun environment. In each class, there will plenty to taste and recipes for home. Come ‘cook – up’ some new recipes with Judi! Each class has a food fee (see class description) payable in cash to instructor the night of class.
Instructor: Judi Strauss
Location: Wildwood Kitchen

Eat Your Vegetables
From artichokes to zucchini, this class will teach you how to cook vegetables for maximum flavor and nutrition. There will be a chance to36963 taste several vegetable dishes in class and you will get plenty of recipes for home. There will also be information on freezing.

Fruit for Dinner
Fruit is just not for snacking anymore. If you are looking for tasty ways to zip up your dinner why not try using fruits and fruit sauces? By adding fruit you can make dinner special any night of the week. You will get a chance to taste several foods in class and will receive recipes to take home.

Cool Summer Dining
Summer is a time of year when we like to entertain family and friends at picnics, parties and cookouts, but still want time to relax. You can do both. In class you’ll get plenty of recipes and tips for preparing meals requiring little or no cooking that still taste great. You might even have time for the beach.

Salads can be side dishes or main dishes and nothing quite matches a properly tossed salad. Still, salads can be so much more than lettuce. In class you’ll learn how to make salads of all types and you’ll learn how to make salad dressings, too. There will be plenty to taste in class and recipes to take home.

The classic summertime feast will be planned and enjoyed in this class. From a family reunion to an intimate meal for two you will learn how to have perfect picnics every time. From classic dishes to fun new ideas you will get plenty of samples to take in class and recipes to take home. There will also be information on food safety.

Enjoy these seasonal fruits to the fullest. High in vitamin C and low in fat strawberries are one of the pleasures of summer. In class you learn how to use them in drinks, salads and desserts. Dishes like Giant shortcake, strawberries and cream bread, sorbet and more. You’ll get plenty to taste in class and will have recipes to take home.

Tasty, nutritious and low in fat these berries deserve to be in a lot more than muffins. In class you’ll see blueberries used in coffeecakes and other baked treats. The Blueberry Chef Salad is sure to become a family favorite. There will also be information on freezing. Plenty to sample in class and recipes to take home.

Food Dehydrating
The oldest known method of food preservation is dehydrating. If you have a garden, a dehydrator or both come to class and learn how to get the most out summer’s harvest. We’ll discuss methods, safety and storage. From sun-dried tomatoes to vegetable soup mix and jerkies (including tofu jerky!) you’ll get a lot of ideas on how to dry food and how to use dried foods. You’ll get to taste several dishes in class and will have recipes for home.

Preserve It
This class will give you the information you need to get the most out of your garden and summer produce specials. From canning basics to freezing you’ll learn how to safely store many fruits and vegetables. You’ll also get recipes using fresh, frozen and canned produce. Learn how to make super salsa and pie fillings and much more. There will be plenty to sample in class and recipes for home.

Canning 101
Canning, when done correctly, is a safe and relatively easy way to preserve food for later use. This class is all about learning the newest rules of canning. You will learn when to use a water bath and when a pressure canner is needed. We’ll discuss what foods are the easiest to can and even the foods that no one should can at home. We’ll also do some tasting in class of home canned foods.

Totally Terrific Tomatoes
They are powerhouses of nutrition and very versatile. Fresh, cooked or dried they can be used in salads, sauces, soups and more. In class we will learn how to make the most of this tasty food. You will also learn how to preserve fresh tomatoes by dehydrating, freezing and canning. Plenty to sample in class and recipes for home.

Pickle Barrel
From old fashioned crock pickles to pickled peaches, this class will teach all you need to know to make tasty pickled products for home and gifts.   You’ll get to taste several pickled products and learn how to use them in cooking. You’ll get recipes for cucumbers and other pickles. You also learn how to make tasty relishes including one that uses up all those green tomatoes.