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In the Kitchen                                                  
Adults 16+
Judi Strauss has all new cooking demonstration classes for you to enjoy! Judi’s classes are a great way to learn new cooking techniques, taste new recipes and experience cooking in a fun environment. In each class, there will plenty to taste and recipes for home. Come ‘cook – up’ some new recipes with Judi! Each class has a food fee (see class description) payable in cash to instructor the night of class.
Instructor: Judi Strauss
Location: Wildwood Kitchen

Chowders and Stews
This class is all about the ultimate comfort foods. Learn how to make all kinds of warm, thick and creamy dishes for chilly nights. You will get a chance to sample several dishes in class and will have plenty of recipes for home. You will also learn how to thicken chowders and stews without flour or cornstarch.

New! Winter Salads
When the weather is cold outside the idea of a salad might not be the first idea that pops into your mind. Winter salads can be a way to beat those wintertime blues. Full of greens, citrus and some unexpected ingredients, these salads are a great first course. Some are a meal in themselves. You’ll get a chance to sample several salads in class and there are plenty of recipes to take home.

Bread Baking
Nothing beats the aroma of fresh baked bread. In this class you’ll learn how to bake a perfect loaf of bread every time. There will be a demonstration of braiding bread and shaping dinner rolls. You’ll also see a loaf of yeast bread that can be made in one hour! Plenty to taste in class and recipes to take home

New! Whole Grain Baking
Whole grain breads and other baked goods don’t have to be heavy or “grainy” in texture. If you know the proper procedure, you can make 100% whole grain bread that has great texture, and that does not resemble and doorstop. Some grains work better than others, and we’ll learn about that in class, too. If you are trying to get away from white flour- this class will teach you about whole grain alternatives. Lots of samples in class- and recipes for home.

Citrus Cuisine
Winter is citrus season and it makes sense to take advantage of that fact. Well beyond making juice in class you will learn how to use a variety of citrus fruits in main dishes, side dishes, salads, desserts and more. You will get a chance to taste several dishes in class and will get a lot of recipes to take home.

My Mother’s Polish Kitchen
You don’t have to be Polish to love Polish food! This class will be a sharing of recipes and cooking tips from the instructor’s Polish Mother. You’ll get recipes for all the traditional favorites from Kielbasa to Pierogis as well as recipes for soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. There will be several dishes for tasting so come hungry.

Tea Time
Serving tea in an English tradition that is gaining popularity here. Learn how to make proper tea and how to make all the tasty treats that are part of a proper tea party. From scones to lemon cake and cucumber sandwiches to crumpets you will get a chance to taste several tea party foods and you will receive plenty of recipes to take home.

Cabbage Patch
Members of the cabbage family include broccoli, kale, cauliflower and more. These are some of the most nutritious veggies around. That doesn’t mean you can always get your family to eat them. In class you’ll get recipes for soups, salads, sides and mains loaded with flavor- and plenty of fiber, vitamins and minerals, too. Recipes to take home and plenty of food samples in class.

Cooking with Bacon
There is almost no finer smell than that of bacon cooking. In this class you’ll learn how to add the flavor and crunch of bacon to all sorts of dishes. Recipes include Bacon Cornbread, Bacon Yorkshire Pudding, Bacon Buttermilk Waffles and many more. Bacon- it’s not just for Breakfast anymore. Plenty to taste in class and recipes for home.

Won Tons
These little squares and circles of dough are for more than just soup. Easy to work with and versatile they can be transformed in minutes into appetizers, main dishes, sides dishes and desserts. No time to cook- wontons may be the answer. In class we’ll learn how to roll and fold them to make many dishes including Crab Rolls, Chicken Chowder Bites, Pumpkin Ravioli, Cheddar Bacon Rolls, Pot Stickers, Chocolate Fried Pies and so many more. Some hands-on in this class

With a beautiful climate and access to the sea the foods of the Mediterranean will awake your senses. From the Grecian Isles to foods of the Middle East you will get a chance to try some tasty, simple dishes that you can easily duplicate at home. Plenty of recipes for home, too.

Lunch in a Jar

This current trend is popular for a reason. What a great way to prepare and carry our lunches. The idea is to layer ingredients in a Mason jar so that you can prep a week’s worth of lunches and take one with you to work each day. In class we’ll talk about what ingredients work- and which to avoid. There will be a lot of combination choices- and each participant will make their own lunch to take home with them- jar included!!

Marvelous Mushrooms
Mushrooms are available in a wide array these days and are very versatile. If you are unsure how to maximize them in cooking this class is for you. Learn how to cook with all sorts of mushrooms and get a chance to taste several dishes that focus on using them. You will also get recipes for home.