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Tasty, nutritious and low in fat these berries deserve to be in a lot more than muffins. In class you’ll see blueberries used in coffeecakes and other baked treats. The Blueberry Chef Salad is sure to become a family favorite. There will also be information on freezing.

Awash in Squash
Did you know that in fall there are more zucchini than there are people in this country?  Whether you grow your own or just know someone who does you know how prolific summer squash can be. This class will help take back your life and kitchen counters by giving you tons and tons of way to use both summer and winter squash.

Edible Flowers
Eating flowers is one of the most fun trends in cooking today. Besides eating flowers when we consume broccoli or cauliflower, you probably don’t eat a lot of flowers. In this class you’ll learn how to cook with them, where to get them and what parts are edible.

Gifts from Herbs
If you are a lover (or grower) of herbs you have probably shared them with family and friends. In this class you’ll learn how to use herbs and spices to make flavorful and fragrant gifts. You’ll learn how to make herbal blends, teas, sachets, vinegars, jellies and more. Hands-on project in class and recipes for home.

Fruit for Dinner
Fruit is just not for snacking anymore. If you are looking for tasty ways to zip up your dinner why not try using fruits and fruit sauces? By adding fruit you can make dinner special any night of the week.

Trick or Treat
Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in America today. If you are planning a party – don’t miss this class. You’ll learn how to make ghoulish goodies and boo-tiful decorations. This class will give you plenty of ideas to make your Halloween party a howling success.

Sauces for All Occasions
From pasta to meat and vegetable dishes this class will give you plenty of recipes for spicing up your food with sauces. From basics to the exotic you will find several easy to make sauces that are sure to make dinner more interesting!

Turkey 101
If making Thanksgiving dinner makes you nervous this could be the class for you. From making a timeline and cooking the perfect turkey to mouth-watering side dishes and desserts you will be taught how to make a dinner that would make a pilgrim proud. Come hungry!

Chowders and Stews
This class is all about the ultimate comfort foods. Learn how to make all kinds of warm, thick and creamy dishes for chilly nights.  You will also learn how to thicken chowders and stews without flour or cornstarch.

It’s Soy Wonderful
With all the news about soy being good for us it’s important to get it into our diets, but how? This class will show you how to incorporate more soy in your diet tastefully. From soymilk to soy flour, tofu to tempeh and more you will learn just how easy eating better can be.

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies
What could be friendlier than a plate of fresh baked cookies? In class you’ll get hands-on experience making both traditional and innovative cookies including Holiday Fans, Ginger Cookies, Snow People and many more. Bring an apron and baking sheet and be prepared to have a sweet time.

Herbal Breads
If you are looking for a way to make any bread, muffin or scone a special occasion dish, look to herbs and spices. In class you will learn how herbs and spices are used in baking. You will receive the instructor’s recipe for multi-grain herb braids and many others.

Daytime Cooking for 1 or 2
If you are one of the millions of Americans who live in one or two person households you know the dilemma of cooking for a small family. Recipes are often written for 4-6 servings, or more. This class will help you to scale down recipes, will provide plenty of recipes geared for 1-2 servings and will give you help in freezing some for later.

Daytime Cooking with Herbs
Cooking with herbs (and spices) can enhance even the simplest of foods. It can also be a way to reduce the use of salt in cooking. In this class you’ll learn the basics of cooking with herbs, both fresh and dried. Buying, preserving and storing herbs will be discussed as well as extending their shelf life. Instructor’s cookbook will also be available.

Daytime Soup’s On
What could be nicer than a simmering pot of homemade soup? You’ll learn how to make wonderful soups starting with how to make stock from scratch. You’ll get to taste Tomato Bisque and Cabbage Soup along with Bean and Barley.