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Chili is almost as American as apple pie. You can’t believe how many types there are. There are some with tons of meat and some with none. There is lentil chili and even white chili. In class you’ll get to sample several and take home the recipes for many more.

Cooking with Bacon
There is almost no finer smell than that of bacon cooking. In this class you’ll learn how to add the flavor and crunch of bacon to all sorts of dishes. Recipes include Bacon Cornbread, Bacon Yorkshire Pudding, Bacon Buttermilk Waffles and many more. Bacon- it’s not just for Breakfast anymore. Plenty to taste in class and recipes for home.

Cookie Dreams
All new cookie recipes that are sure to please the cookie monsters in your home. Recipes include lemon Meltaways, maple cookies, craisin cookies and so many more. We will bake a lot of cookies so bring a baking sheet and an apron and be prepared to take home a plateful.

Quick and Easy Chicken
Enjoy fun and easy chicken dishes any night of the week. In this class you will get dozens of new recipes including Moroccan Chicken with Couscous, Fiesta Chicken Soup, Reuben Chicken Casserole and many more! There will be food for tasting in class and recipes to take home.

5 or Fewer
If you are tired of recipes with long ingredient lists try this class. All the recipes use 5 or fewer ingredients. Mostly main dishes and sides there are also some delectable desserts. Learn to make dinner simply, often using items you can have on hand and by using some convenience foods.

Citrus Cuisine
Winter is citrus season and it makes sense to take advantage of that fact. Well beyond making juice in class you will learn how to use a variety of citrus fruits in main dishes, side dishes, salads, desserts and more. You will get a chance to taste several dishes in class and will get a lot of recipes to take home.

Hors d’oeuvres
Good appetizers can set the mood for the whole evening. They can be fast and easy or quite complex. In this class they will be generally easy to make. Recipes include Crab Mousse, Brie with Sun-dried Tomatoes and Pesto, Rueben Dip and more. You’ll also get party planning tips and plenty of samples to taste in class. There will also be recipes to take home.

Easter Baking
Baking is very much a part of our holiday traditions. Some breads are associated with springtime and Easter. In class you’ll taste breads and other baked treats from different cultures. You’ll get recipes from hot cross buns and Easter bunny rolls to Bird’s Nest Biscotti plus you’ll have the chance to do some hands on work. You’ll also get tips on how to bake better bread.

My Mother’s Polish Kitchen
You don’t have to be Polish to love Polish food! This class will be a sharing of recipes and cooking tips from the instructor’s Polish Mother. You’ll get recipes for all the traditional favorites from Kielbasa to Pierogis as well as recipes for soups, salads, main dishes and desserts. There will be several dishes for tasting so come hungry.

Sushi for All
Sushi is fun to eat and is not hard to make, with a little practice. In this class you’ll get a hands-on chance to roll your own using some typical and untypical ingredients. From the California Roll to Sweet and Sour Sushi (made with chicken!) you will get a chance to have some fun and see sushi in a whole new way.

Power Lunches, Solutions for Brown Baggers
If you pack your lunch and are tired of the same old same old way why not expand your horizons? Take lunch beyond the peanut butter and jelly to fun, easy and different ideas. From seasonal salads to make ahead and freeze dishes you will learn how to make lunchtime fun and still save money over eating out. You will learn how to make some convenience foods, too. There will be dishes to sample in class and recipes and ideas to take home.

Gourmet Vegetarian
Cooking without meat does not mean your food has to be tasteless or boring. In fact you can create terrific gourmet meals and your guests will never miss the meat. In class you will learn how to make nutritious foods elegant, too. There will be plenty of foods to try in class and recipes to take home.

Onions and Garlic
While these aromatic foods are a staple in most cuisines some people are hesitant to use them. Both onions and garlic are more than just tasty, they are good for you. In class you will learn how to roast, grill, caramelize and much more. Plenty to taste in class and to recipes to take home, too.

Daytime Seafood Made Easy
Do you enjoy seafood when dining out but face disappointment when preparing it at home? If you know a few basics, cooking seafood need not be difficult. From Salmon Quiche to Creole Jambalaya you will get a chance to taste several seafood dishes and learn how to make it right every time. Recipes will be handed out to take home.

Daytime Sugar-Less
If you are trying to eliminate or at least reduce the amount of refined sugar in your diet this class can show you how. We will discuss sugar alternatives from artificial sweeteners to fruit-based sweetening. While most of the recipes will involve desserts there will also be recipes for main dishes and side dishes, too.

Daytime One Pot Meals
You can create tasty meals for your family without creating chaos in your kitchen. This class is all about making meals that cook in one dish for easy preparation and easy clean up. From casseroles to soups you’ll get to sample a wide array of dishes and you’ll get plenty of time saving tips as well as recipes to take home.