Vacant Dwelling Registration

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All vacant residential dwellings are required to be registered with the City of Mentor.

Pursuant to Mentor City Ordinance 1373, owners of residential property shall register any vacant dwelling with the Economic and Community Development Department no later than 90 days after a dwelling becomes vacant or no later than 14 days after being notified by the Economic and Community Development Department of the requirement to register.

Exemptions may be permitted if one of the following conditions exist:

  • A dwelling is under active construction/renovation and having a valid building permit(s) at the time of initial inspection.
  • A dwelling that has suffered fire damage or damage caused by extreme weather conditions can be exempt for a period of up to 90 days if the property owner requests an exemption from the Code Enforcement Supervisor.
  • A dwelling that is for sale and listed with a licensed state of Ohio real estate broker, or for sale by owner, shall be exempted for a period of 12 months from the start of vacancy so long as it is continuously listed and/or continuously and conspicuously advertised for sale at the dwelling location.

The exterior of all vacant dwellings will be inspected by Code Enforcement personnel to ensure compliance with local ordinances.

For further information, please contact the Code Enforcement Supervisor at (440) 974-5792 or Click here to view the Vacant Dwelling Registration ordinance.