Yard Waste Collection Program Ends for 2018

This was the last week for Mentor’s Yard Waste Collection Program. If you have additional yard waste, it can be dropped off at the following locations. Please be sure to call these businesses ahead of time regarding delivery times, bundling/delivery requirements, costs, or other questions.

Arcola Creek Nursery
2452 Dock Road, Madison, OH 440-428-7497
Leaves loose or in paper bags. Drop off by big white barn. Daylight hours only.

Brotzman Nursery
6899 Chapel Road, Madison, OH 440-428-3361
Drop off close to the road. Easy to find. Daylight hours only.

Klyn Nursery
3322 State Route 84, Perry, OH  440-259-3381
Leaves only. Back into the pile, empty all bags and take them with you. Daylight hours only Monday – Sunday.

6011 Heisley Road, Mentor, OH  440-352-1900
Will accept various materials including leaves, brush, etc. There is a cost.

River Road Nursery
4468 River Road, Perry, OH 440-259-2009
Drive all the way to the back. Leaves loose or in bags. Daylight hours only.

This information is provided as a convenience to our residents. These are independent businesses and the City does not guarantee or endorse services or availability as they may change without notice.

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