Basic Patrol

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The men and women of the Mentor Police Department who perform basic patrol services are the backbone of the police department. Without these dedicated individuals, every other departmental function would cease to exist. There are currently 50 officers assigned to the patrol bureau. They are supervised by eight sergeants and three lieutenants who report to the Operations Commander.

Twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year — these officers are on duty within the City of Mentor, working to maintain a safe environment for the residents and visitors of the city, through effective and efficient delivery of police services. Currently, patrol officers are assigned to 12 hour shifts. These shifts are constantly reevaluated to insure that they are serving the needs of the city and its officers. The schedule allows officers the ability to plan their personal lives, allows for more time off without sacrificing hours worked, and allows all officers to be off every other weekend. Supervisors work a four day, 10 hour shift, which has been an effective supervisory schedule.

Providing patrol services is an incredibly diverse and intense assignment. When not on a call, the officer patrols a designated area, with the goal of protecting life and property, deterring crime, and enforcing laws and ordinances. These goals are best accomplished through high visibility patrol.

Officers are given assignments through dispatch which can range from criminal investigations to traffic accident investigations, through any type of call requiring police intervention. Responding to the variety of services requested requires a patrol officer to “wear many hats” and to try to resolve any situation presented. Any actions taken by officers must be documented in some manner. For an officer to remain effective in providing these services, they must constantly update their training and keep abreast of recent court decisions, legislation, and other factors which might impact the way they do their jobs.

Officers are also tasked with promoting traffic safety through traffic enforcement. Insuring that the motoring public, pedestrians, and especially our children are safe while traveling through the city is a high priority. Traffic citations and warnings are the most visible part of this effort, while traffic calming measures are also promoted.

The citizens of the City of Mentor, and visitors alike, can be assured that the officers providing patrol services are of the highest caliber. We pride ourselves on the integrity of our officers, the quality of services that they provide, and the impact that their efforts have on the quality of life in the City.