Current Construction Projects

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Updated June 28, 2019 2:15 PM


Gatewood Drive
Concrete sections are being replaced along Gatewood Drive between Pinewood Drive and the Pinegate Community Center.  Traffic on this section of roadway is limited to ONE-WAY southbound only until work is completed.

Orchard Road Reconstruction
Orchard Road is the second street in the City of Mentor’s Headlands Residential Road Reconstruction initiative.  This project will reconstruct Orchard Road from Woodridge Lane to Lake Overlook Drive. JTO, Inc. has begun the roadway reconstruction portion of the Orchard Road Reconstruction Project.  During this phase the existing roadway curbing and drive aprons will be removed and the pavement base will be prepared.  Orchard will be closed at the location of the work on a daily basis to allow for excavation of the old roadway.  Work has begun near Woodridge and will proceed northward.  Residents immediately adjacent to the work will be notified by the contractor and will be required to be out of their driveways for a portion of the day work occurs.  Please contact Allen Pennington in the Engineering Department at (440) 974-5786 with any questions.

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