The Planning & Zoning Division is responsible for enforcement of the zoning code, issuing sign and fence permits, and preparing reports and studies dealing with zoning changes, subdivision and site development plans, Conditional Use Permits (CUP) and signage.

Design Guidelines

The Design Guidelines is a supporting document which was prepared to assist the Municipal Planning Commission as well as the administration in the site development plan review process. This document provides recommendations for architectural design, site parking, lighting, landscaping and signage for new and redevelopment proposals within the commercial and industrial corridors of the city.  For additional questions, please contact the Department of Economic & Community Development by calling (440) 974-5740.

Site development plans are required to ensure ample provisions for the efficient use of land and to promote high standards in the layout, design, landscaping and construction of development. Site development plans are required for all new construction, reconstruction, or expansion of structures with any zoning district, except single family residential districts. The plans must be prepared by professionally qualified persons (architects, engineers or land surveyors).

In general, all site development plans must be approved by the Municipal Planning Commission. The approval process consists of a separate preliminary and final plan review. Applications are submitted to the administration and then reviewed for compliance with the zoning code. Copies of the plan (along with a written report prepared by the planning staff) is forwarded to the Planning Commission members prior to the meeting date. A copy of the report is also sent to the applicant. Upon final approval of the site development plan, an application for the appropriate construction permit may be submitted to the Engineering & Building Department.

For more details on the information required with the application, see Planning Your Project, A Guide to the Planning Review Process.

The City of Mentor Comprehensive Plan is a major planning effort to guide the community toward what it will be like in the future as a place to live, work, and invest. It is developed through an open process driven by four broad-reaching questions:

The Comprehensive Plan will identify a vision and broadly address the needed elements that build a community including transportation, housing, open space and natural resources, sense of place, government services, the impacts of new developments and more.

A number of maps and other resources are available for download at our “Mentor Means Business” microsite.