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The Mentor Channel provides gavel-to-gavel coverage of all regularly scheduled City Council Meetings, which are broadcast live on the first and third Tuesday of the month. Gavel-to-gavel live coverage of Mentor Municipal Planning Commission meetings is also provided. Meetings are rebroadcast on the Mentor Channel during the following week for expanded coverage. If you miss a program or meeting, you can watch it any time by accessing our archive.

We also offer a variety of other informational and entertainment programming. Check our programming guide to see what’s on.

The Mentor Channel is part of the Public Information Office, which is a function within the City Manager’s Office. Our job is to inform and engage residents in city-sponsored community activities and to ensure media access to city and tourist-related information and services.

For more information call (440) 974-5794 or e-mail us at


Spectrum Channel 96.12
AT&T U-Verse  Channel 99

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The Mentor Channel broadcasts 24 hours a day and features a wide variety of programming content.  Whether you’re looking to get caught up on what’s happening around town,  kicking back with some popcorn with our Midnight Movie or looking for a job, you’ll find it here.


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  • Mentor City Council and Planning Commission meetings are broadcast live on the Mentor Channel Channel. They are also archived so that you can view them at your convenience. It’s simple.