Mentor Welcomes North Coast Bin Cleaning

The City of Mentor welcomes North Coast Bin Cleaning. This new business is managed by Joe and Marlena Pate, and their friend Danielle Wilson, and offers an onsite trash bin cleaning service.

What makes them unique is that the process is completely self-contained, eco-friendly, and uses no chemicals.  Their process utilizes clean water which is heated to 190° (which is hotter than a commercial dishwasher) and then delivered in a high-pressure stream to clean cans of dirt and grime. The dirty water is then collected and disposed of at the water treatment plant which means no mess on your driveway or in our storm sewers.

When asked what inspired them to start the company, it turns out that necessity was the mother of invention.

“I was out there cleaning my own can and found it was so disgusting, I was looking for a better way,” says Joe.

While conducting his research, he came across this method which is growing in popularity in the UK and in South Florida. They contacted the designer and had their unit shipped here to Mentor. North Coast Bin Cleaning is the only company in northeast Ohio currently utilizing this technology.

North Coast will come to your home to clean your bins on the day after your regular trash day.  The service is offered Spring through Fall on a monthly, seasonal, or one-time rate.  For additional details and pricing, visit

We thank North Coast Bin Cleaning for their investment in our community.

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