Mentor Welcomes Pink Bandana Bakery

The City of Mentor welcomes Pink Bandana Bakery to our Old Village area at 8630 Mentor Avenue.

This unique bakery opened its doors at 4 AM on Black Friday with a special treat for the community—the bakery’s staff (with the help of Santa) passed out free cookies and coupons to any car that stopped by their lot.

Pink Bandana Bakery offers a variety of sweets from French macaroons, to sugar cookies, cake parfaits in a cup, customizable cakes, and no-share cheesecakes! Their menu will be very malleable and is solely based on customer feedback.

Chef and owner, Kathleen Robinson, is known for more than just her pink bandana. She’s been featured on the Cooking Channel which airs internationally, Food Network’s Bakers vs. Fakers, presented at the Fabulous Food Show, and trained many culinary enthusiasts through classes and theme events.

Robinson embarked on a mid-life career change from raising funds for nonprofit organizations such as the Salvation Army and the Cleveland Clinic to becoming a skilled pastry chef through her training in culinary school.

In honor of the Mentor Cardinal football team that played for the high school Division I state championship last Friday, Pink Bandana Bakery offered special Cardinal football and FCMB sugar cookies and the orders came rolling in.

“When the rubber hits the road, it’s really about being a part of the community—being actively involved in helping things happen. I definitely want to support the school system as much as I can because that’s where our future leaders are,” says Robinson.

So why choose Mentor?  Robinson and her husband made the decision to live in Mentor with their daughter in mind. They noticed that the City of Mentor has a nice balance between an urban setting, but also has scenic features along with a safe community. The Mentor school system is what truly sold them as it is among the best in Northeast Ohio to provide their daughter a high-quality education to learn and grow in.

Chef Robinson has a profound passion for both the community and baking. She hopes that in the near future, her bakery will become the place to go for the community whenever there is a craving for a sweet treat.

Visit or call (440) 255-9065 to learn more.

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