Brain Games at the Mentor Senior Center

Keep Your Head in the Game

The Mentor Senior Center offers plenty of opportunities for members to participate in physical exercise by offering classes like Aerobics, Yoga, and even weight training. But, what you might not know, is they also offer activities that promote mental well-being and brain health. And, it’s as simple as dealing a deck of cards. Every day you’ll find members playing a wide variety of card and other games that not only give them a chance to socialize and have fun, but more importantly, promote cognitive wellness by keeping brain cells stimulated and sharp.

The National Institute of Aging recommends keeping your mind active by doing mentally stimulating activities – including playing games. Strategic card games like Bridge, Euchre and Pinochle help exercise memory, promote concentration and require the use of math skills, which all lead to better brain fitness.

“We are pleased to offer programs that offer both mental and physical stimulation,” says Senior Center Program Manager Renee Ochaya, “Not only do the seniors reap great benefits, but they also have fun doing it.”

At the Senior Center, members can also boost brain power with games like Mahjong and Scrabble that employ the same elements of strategy and memory skills to play and win.

For details on organized games and other activities at the Mentor Senior Center go to, call 440-974-5725, or stop by the Senior Center Reception desk.