Headlands Road Reconstruction Project Update

The Headlands Road Reconstruction Project was implemented in 2017 to rehabilitate streets in the Headlands area that had been identified as needing repair.  Seven streets were targeted for rehabilitation and comprised of Marigold, Orchard, Belle Meadow, Wake Robin, Glen Lodge, Brooksdale, and Lake Overlook, with priority given to the streets in the worst condition.

Marigold underwent a complete reconstruction at a cost of over $3 million, which included the replacement of sanitary and storm sewers in addition to the new roadway.  Currently, Orchard is undergoing a complete reconstruction with replacement of the sanitary lines and full-depth replacement of the roadway.  Water lines were also replaced on both streets, as well as Brooksdale.

Earlier this year, the Lake County Department of Utilities advised the City that no further sanitary sewer reconstruction work was planned. Instead, the sewers will be lined as needed. This enabled the City to reassess its approach to the rest of the project and move the program somewhat ahead of schedule.

Belle Meadow was already scheduled for rehabilitation this year. In recent months, Wake Robin and Glen Lodge were also evaluated, and it was concluded that partial curb replacement, full depth repairs where required, and reshaping of the curb line to re-establish drainage would satisfactorily meet our needs.

Each year, over $1 million of the City’s budget is allocated towards resurfacing of city streets. This does not include funds which were specifically allocated towards the Headlands Roads project, nor does it include major projects or improvements to the state routes which traverse Mentor including US-20, SR-84, SR-306, SR-615 and SR-283 which are primarily funded scheduled and funded through ODOT.

Residents with questions related to road improvements may contact Allen Pennington in the Engineering Department at (440) 974-5786 or pennington@cityofmentor.com.  Residents with questions regarding sanitary sewers may contact Lake County Utilities at (440) 350-2652.

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