Headlands Road Reconstruction

headlandsroad250Dear Residents,

We wanted to take a moment to address concerns raised over the deteriorating condition of roads serving your property.  The City has for some time been monitoring the condition of Headlands roads west of Corduroy Road.  The roads in this part of the city were built prior to the 1950s and have held up surprisingly well over the years with regular maintenance.  However, recent extreme cold winters have resulted in unusually severe deterioration, including major heaving and base failure, unlike what we have seen elsewhere in the city.

Unfortunately, because these roadways were built to a much lower standard than today, major reconstruction, and in some cases complete reconstruction, is required.  These streets include Marigold, Orchard, Belle Meadow, Brooksdale, Lake Overlook, Glenn Lodge and Wake Robin. The cost to replace these roads is currently estimated at $14 million.

This substantial sum will require the work to be done in phases, and the city will pursue both state and federal funding to attempt to offset some of this expense.  The first phase involves the compete reconstruction of Marigold Drive.  This phase is estimated to cost $3 million and also includes the relining of the sanitary sewer line and storm water improvements.  Approximately $500,000 of this cost will be offset by grant funding through the Ohio Public Works Commission, which will release its funding in July 2017.  The project will be publicly bid and construction will commence thereafter.  The city’s goal is to rehabilitate at least one street per year in order to fully take advantage of potential state and federal funding.

In the interim, our Public Works Department will perform all maintenance necessary to keep these roads in serviceable condition and preserve motorist safety.  In the coming weeks and months, you will see crews patching and sealing some of these road sections – this is not a part of the reconstruction project.  Once actual reconstruction takes place, all of these roads will be brought up to current design standards with a thicker road base and improved drainage.

We thank you for your continued patience as we move forward with this needed investment in your neighborhood. Please feel free to contact the Engineering Department at (440) 974-5785 or engineering@cityofmentor.com with any questions or concerns.

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