Mentor Welcomes Tiffany Rose Antiques & Life’s Simple Treasures

You might have noticed that a new business has taken up residence in the red house on Mentor Avenue in the heart of our Old Village area at the former Old Mentor Cigar Shop.

“You’ll probably see us on the front porch a lot—it’s our favorite place to be,” proprietors Kim Stuck and Barbara Clark both admit (pictured left and center, respectively).

Kim and Barbara owned two separate and neighboring shops in Downtown Willoughby, Tiffany Rose Antiques and Life’s Simple Treasures, when they decided they needed a change. They moved into their new home in March of 2019 after combining their businesses.

“We couldn’t be happier. The community here has been so welcoming and we just love the atmosphere this area brings,” Kim says.

Tiffany Rose Antiques & Life’s Simple Treasures specializes in selling a wide variety of unique items from furniture, to glassware, jewelry, kitchenware, hand-painted furniture, and vintage clothing. Kim and Barbara find their inventory by visiting local homes and from customers who bring their items in for appraisal.

In addition to their remarkable collection, Stuck and Clark have their own seamstress whom also owned a neighboring shop in Downtown Willoughby called Sheri’s Sew Unique. Sheri Langston (pictured right) is available by appointment to do any embroidering or alterations you might need for the clothing the store offers or any of your own.

“Stop in and take a look around—you’re almost bound to find something that suits your tastes. And don’t forget to shop small!”

Tiffany Rose Antiques & Life’s Simple Treasures are located at 8619 Mentor Avenue. We welcome them for their investment in our community. Visit their Facebook page or call (440) 942-2065 to learn more.

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