Recycle Right

Have you ever heard the phrase, “one bad apple spoils the bunch?” The same is true for recycling, where one non-recyclable item can spoil an entire batch of otherwise good materials.

You can recycle..

  • Glass and Plastic bottles & containers
  • Food and beverage cans & cartons
  • Paper, flattened cardboard and paperboard

Please remember to leave your recyclables loose in the bin. Do not bag them.

You cannot recycle…

  • Food waste
  • Plastic bags and film
  • Foam cups or containers
  • Needles

It may seem like such a small detail – a wrong item in the recycling bin – but it represents a global problem that’s preventing thousands of tons of recyclables from ever seeing a second life. If you have any questions, please call Waste Management Customer Service Center Toll Free: (800) 633-9096.

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