Mentor Issue 6…What You Need to Know

Mentor City Council and administration place the highest priority on protecting our residents by supporting and maintaining a well-staffed and well-equipped Fire Department. Part of the funding for fire and EMS services comes from a special 1.5 mil fire levy first voted on by Mentor residents in 1983, and renewed every five years since. At that time, levy proceeds paid for over 30% of Fire Department expenses and the department responded to about 3,000 calls for service annually. Today, levy proceeds cover only about 10% of expenses, and calls for service have increased to over 8,000 annually.

As the community has grown, the Mentor Fire Department has expanded its services to include the most technically-advanced emergency life support services, a Technical Rescue Team, a Water Rescue Dive Team, HazMat services, and Fire Prevention and Public Education services.

This November, residents will have the opportunity to continue supporting the Fire Department by considering a 1.5 mil replacement levy. Levy revenues will be used to maintain staffing, replace aging vehicles, and to stay up to date on the most technically advanced life-saving equipment.

Keeping Mentor safe is Chief Bob Searles’ job, but he knows he can’t do his job without the support of Mentor residents. “We appreciate our community support and we do not take it for granted. Together, we can maintain our excellent fire and EMS service here in Mentor,” says Searles. “The Fire Department works hard to deliver professional, cost-effective services in a personal, responsive and innovative manner and above all to keep Mentor residents safe.”

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