Putting Our Best Foot Forward

Most would agree that the City of Mentor is a wonderful place to live, with great neighborhoods filled with well maintained properties.

In order to maintain these high standards, the City has implemented several provisions throughout the years in order protect home values, promote home ownership, as well as convey a positive image of Mentor as a whole.

Vacant Dwelling Registration
It’s no secret that vacant properties tend to deteriorate over time if they’re not being maintained. Yards become overgrown and the buildings themselves can easily fall into disrepair.  By requiring vacant properties to be registered, it offers neighboring residents the assurance that properties will continue to be maintained and in order to preserve the orderly feel of the community. All vacant dwellings must be registered by owner no later than 90 days after vacancy and 14 days after receiving a notification from the Economic and Community Development.

Single-Family Rental Registration
Rental properties are often owned by absentee landlords with no ties to the community. As a result, the incentive isn’t always there to keep the property in good shape.  In order to protect the renter as well as maintain home values in the community, single-family rental units in the City of Mentor must be registered, properly maintained, and be subject to inspection every two years in order to ensure compliance with the Property Maintenance Codes.

Temporary Signage
Signage codes area also in place in the city to reduce visual clutter and maintain a neat appearance.

  • Residential Signs
    Signs promoting “Garage Sales” or “Home for Sale” are only allowed on the property that the sign pertains to. Signs are not allowed in the right-of-way, tree lawn, street corners, or on utility poles. During the election cycle, one sign per registered candidate or issue is permitted, and all signs must be taken down no later than 10 days after the election is over.
  • Commercial Signs
    Temporary commercial signs are permitted for up to 90 days following the issuance of an occupancy permit to allow time for the installation of a permanent sign.   Additional temporary signs including streamers, pennants, spinners, A-Frames, flags (with the exception being placed on a pole and paired with an American flag), vehicle signage, and banners are not permitted.

If you have any questions or concerns, call or email the Economic and Community Development Department at (440) 974-5792 or CommDev@cityofmentor.com.

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