Six Great Reasons to Open Your Restaurant in Mentor, Ohio

Mentor, Ohio is a dining destination which draws customers from across Northeast Ohio. The city is home to over 170 local and national eateries offering a wide array of menu options. If you’re thinking about opening a new restaurant, you should think about Mentor.

  1. A Dining Destination
    People travel to Mentor to shop and dine. Mentor ranks 21st in population, yet ranks FIRST in establishments per capita with 1 establishment per every 284 residents!
  2. Great Traffic Counts
    Traffic counts along Mentor’s major retail corridor average as high as 34,000 cars per day.
  3. Attractive Demographics
    Mentor has a daytime population of 54,638. Over 263,000 consumers reside within a 10-mile radius.
  4. Older Population with Disposable Income
    The median age of Mentor residents is 44.8 with an average household income is $71,268.
  5. Attractive Point of Entry
    Mentor offers prospective restauranteurs a soft-landing point with a high probability of success. In fact, many national chains such as BurgerFi, Five Guys, Moe’s Southwest Grill, and more have recently chosen Mentor when looking to enter the Ohio market.
  6. Investment Incentives
    Mentor offers a variety of attractive incentives for business which open or relocate to the city.

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