A number of questions have been asked regarding the Bolton Property Project Proposal. The Project Summary and Process are outlined below to inform Mentor voters on the specifics of the project.  Rezoning of the property, as per the proposal, will be subject to voter approval on the March 17, 2020 ballot (Issue No. 1).

Project Summary
The proposed project for the Bolton estate is the rezoning of 186.5 acres of land from the existing C-1 Conservation and R-4 Single Family Residential Districts to a PMUD Planned Mixed-Use Development Overlay District for a mixed-use development project.  The property is bordered by State Route 615 to the west, State Route 84 to the north, Interstate 90 to the south, and Kirtland Hills Village to the east.

The Preliminary Development Plan presented by the applicant proposes to divide the property into five (5) subareas for their mixed-use development concept:

  • Subarea A (Residential Neighborhood) consists of ±69 acres at the north end of the property for residential dwellings of varying dwelling types and densities;
  • Subarea B (Mixed-Use Neighborhood) consists of ±45 acres in the central portion of the property for a mix of retail/office and residential uses;
  • Subarea C (Mixed-Use Commercial) includes ±29 acres at the south end of the property closest to Interstate 90 for commercial development;
  • Subarea D (Conservation Zone) consists of ±35 acres in Mentor in the central and eastern portions of the site to preserve the existing forested land on the property. An additional 34-acres of land adjacent to this and within Kirtland Hills Village are also owned by the Bolton Family and will be included in the proposed conservation zone; and
  • Subarea E (Bolton Family Home) includes ±8.5 acres that are central to the site. The existing Bolton home is also proposed to be preserved and serve as a neighborhood amenity.

Planning Commission and City Council Approval
On October 3, 2019, the Planning Commission reviewed an informal rezoning request for the Bolton property for a mixed-use development concept.  A formal rezoning application was then submitted for review by the Planning Commission on November 7, 2019 at a formal public hearing.  After further review and discussions at their November 14, 2019 and December 9, 2019 meetings, the Planning Commission recommended the approval of the proposed rezoning and preliminary development plans for a proposed planned mixed-use development on December 9, 2019 .

On January 7, 2020, Mentor City Council held a public hearing to consider the recommendation of the Planning Commission for the proposed mixed-use development project.  Council also held two work sessions with the applicant prior to the January 7, 2020 public hearing for project review.

Following the conclusion of the January 7, 2020 public hearing, City Council approved ORDINANCE NO. 20-O-002, rezoning 186.5 acres of land from the C-1 Conservation District and R-4 Single Family Residential District to the PMUD, Planned Mixed-Use Development Overlay District for the proposed mixed-use development project on the Bolton property.  A total of 21 conditions were made part of this rezoning approval, including the requirement that public access shall be provided to the entire 69-acre conservation area identified as Subarea D, which includes 35-acres within Mentor city limits and 34-acres within Kirtland Hills.

ORDINANCE NO. 20-O-002 details the specific parcels of land, preliminary development plans and 21 conditions that were made part of the project approval.  The complete Bolton project proposal is also available for review:

Approval Process Requirements
Per Chapter 1137 Amendments of the Planning and Zoning Code, the first step to amend the Official Zoning Map is to file an informal rezoning request for preliminary review, which is followed by the formal rezoning application to the Mentor Municipal Planning Commission.  The Commission makes a recommendation to City Council who will then vote on the proposed ordinance for the zoning amendment.  Per the City Charter Section 3.09 Ordinances and Resolutions A. 5. legislation providing for a zoning change of lands from the Conservation District Zoning Classification (C-1) or the Commercial Recreation District Zoning Classification (C-2) to any other zoning district classification requires approval by a majority of the electors of the City of Mentor at the next general or primary election occurring not less than sixty (60) days after passage of such legislation.

For questions or additional information related to this project, please contact the City of Mentor Planning Department at planning@cityofmentor.com.