Over time, sidewalks can become damaged from weathering, tree roots, and even regular use.  A sidewalk maintenance program has been developed by the City of Mentor to regularly inspect, repair or reconstruct damaged sidewalks.  The goal is to provide a safe pathway for pedestrian travel. Mentor Code of Ordinances Sections 913.06 and 1349.21 require that property owners be responsible for maintaining and repairing public sidewalks that are adjacent to their property.

Inspection Frequency

For the purpose of this program, the city is divided into 17 geographical areas. Each year, the sidewalks in one of those 17 areas will be inspected in accordance with the criteria established by the City Engineer to determine if sidewalk repairs are necessary.  For 2020, the inspection areas is Zone 2A.

Sidewalks will be inspected outside of the geographical area if a complaint is received on the condition of a sidewalk.

Inspection Criteria

A city inspector will identify sidewalk panels for repair or replacement that meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The sidewalk is displaced with a vertical edge of 3/4” or more.
  • The sidewalk is depressed or raised more than 3” from the normal line of grade at any place.
  • The sidewalk has cracked into 3 or more pieces, has cracks that are between 1/4” to 3/4″  wide or greater or is missing a full depth piece of concrete.
  • The sidewalk has spalled over 75% of the surface.
  • The sidewalk has horizontal separations equal to or greater than 3/4” within the square, or greater than 1” at the sidewalk joints.
  • The cross slope of the sidewalk exceeds more than 1” per foot.
  • Missing slabs of sidewalk.

Sidewalks will be marked using the follow symbols denoting the deficiency to be repaired.

Sidewalk Repair Symbol Legend

C = Cracked Slab

D = Dip or drop in slab

M = Missing slabs that are required to be installed

S = Slope of slab toward the street

V = Vertical misalignment of the slab

X = Complete removal of slab for repair

X-city = City will perform complete removal of slab for repair.

The inspector will report deficiencies to the homeowner on the Sidewalk Inspection Report.  Acceptable methods to repair sidewalk deficiencies are also shown on the Sidewalk Inspection Report .

Repair Process

Property owners adjacent to any sidewalk that is marked for repair will be notified of their responsibility to repair the sidewalk through a notification letter that is sent to the owner of record by certified mail, as listed at the Lake County Auditor’s Office.

Along with the notification letter, copies of the Sidewalk Inspection Report and Sidewalk Specification Sheet are mailed to the property owner. The deadline for the completion of the repair work is 45 days from receipt of the certified notification letter.

A permit is required for the repair work only if sidewalk will be replaced.  The contractor performing the work will need to be registered with the city.  There is NO FEE for this permit.  A permit application can be downloaded and then completed and brought in or mailed to the Engineering Department.

Concrete slab replacement for sidewalks shall conform to the following detail: Sidewalk Detail. Where full concrete slabs will be replaced, inspection of the stone base and formwork is required prior to the placement of concrete.   Inspection of sidewalk slabs that have had cracks sealed or have been leveled by slab-jacking will take place after the property owner contacts the City to indicate that the work has been completed.  The property owner will be notified if the repair work is unsatisfactory. If no attempt is made to repair the sidewalk, or if the unsatisfactory repairs have not been corrected within the time frame for completion, the City will perform the repair work to be completed through assessment.

Once the repair work has been completed and Mentor City Council has certified the assessment costs, the costs plus interest are then assessed against the property owner’s taxes to be paid in six semi-annual installments. Property owners also have the option to pay the assessed work off within 30 days after Council certifies the assessment costs.

Sidewalk Damaged by a Street Tree
The City will replace up to three slabs of sidewalk that have been damaged by a live street tree within the public right of way. The street tree must still be standing during the time of inspection; trees that were previously removed are not eligible. Replacement will occur at the time the City’s sidewalk contractor is working within the current sidewalk zone. Repair of sidewalk slabs outside of the current construction zone is the responsibility of the property owner.

Curb Ramps
The city will be responsible for the maintenance and repair of curb ramps at intersections across public streets.


City of Mentor’s Engineering Department
8500 Civic Center Blvd., Mentor, Ohio 44060
(440) 974-5785