City of Mentor forces are tasked with keeping over 500 lane miles of roadway passable during snow events.

Where We Plow
Main roads (such as Center Street, Mentor Avenue and Heisley Road), secondary routes (such as Adkins, North Palmerston and Garden Lane), side streets, and cul-de-sacs, are attended to generally in that order. The city does not plow private drives.

Snow removal on SR-2 and I-90, as well as associated entrance/exit ramps, is managed by Lake County and the Ohio Department of Transportation respectively.

Pretreatment & Salting
Bridge decks and main roads may be pretreated with a brine solution prior to a major snow event based on the forecast.

At the conclusion of a snow event, main roads and secondary routes are salted. Particular attention is given to hills, curves and intersections.

The EPA has noted that as the snow melts, salt makes its way into our storm system and eventually into our watershed.  Elevated salt levels can adversely affect aquatic life.

Snow Emergency / Parking Ban
Parking is prohibited on city streets when snowfall exceeds 2” in order to keep roadways clear for plow crews. The City will announce when a Snow Emergency Parking Ban is in effect. Please remove parked cars from the roadway during a snow event.

Sidewalks & Driveway Aprons
Clearing snow and ice from sidewalks and driveway aprons is the responsibility of the property owner. It is a violation of City ordinance to shovel or blow snow into the roadway.

Fire Hydrants
If you have a fire hydrant on your property, please clear it of snow or ice so that it can be easily seen and accessed in the event of an emergency. Seconds matter.

If your mailbox has been damaged by a city snow plow, you may contact the Public Works Department at (440) 974-5781 or for replacement options.

Be a good neighbor and keep your sidewalk free of ice and snow.