Be Part of the SolutionJust like that, COVID-19 became a part of our daily lives.

Your local EMS service has always been here for you, but the days ahead are going to be challenging and this is YOUR chance to be an important part of the solution. Health resources will be put to the test as we prepare for this outbreak to run its course. Right now, the goal is to slow the spread of COVID-19 so that these resources aren’t overwhelmed – and that includes EMS services.

Before calling 911, ask yourself if this is really an emergency. If you are facing a life-threatening situation, including chest pain, stroke, trauma, or other serious condition, we certainly want you to call 911.

But for minor injuries, please consider if an emergency department is really necessary and if you need an ambulance to get you there? Are other transportation options available to me? And, can my injury be addressed through urgent care or my primary healthcare provider?

And, if you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, contact your primary care provider. If you are under the age of 60, are not diabetic, are not pregnant, do not have a history of lung or heart disease, are not immunocompromised, or do not have a history of hypertension, there is no need for transport to the emergency department.

Keep in mind that a typical EMS transport takes over an hour from the moment you call 911 through the moment the ambulance is disinfected and prepped for the next emergency. Also keep in mind that every time an ambulance is placed in service for a minor injury or illness, there is one less ambulance available to respond to life-threatening emergencies in your community.

We are in this together. We need you to be part of our team as we face this challenge together.

BE PART OF THE SOLUTION! #inthistogether #inthistogetherohio

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