It’s that time of year for the Lake Erie snow machine to start working again. Although area skiers will be happy, everyone who has to drive in all that snow wants to avoid all the headaches that come along with it.

Even though it may seem easy to throw some salt on the driveway or your sidewalks to help get rid of the snow, think twice this winter. When all that snow melts, it washes right down a nearby storm sewer and to a nearby stream, taking all the salt with it. Salt in our waterways is harmful to the fish and other organisms.

Try to minimize the amount of salt you use, put it on the driveway before a big storm is supposed to hit, and follow these tips:

  • If there is extra salt on the ground after the storm, sweep it up and save it for the next snowfall.
  • By mixing the salt with sand, you will use less salt and the sand will give you some traction on the pavement.
  • Try applying salt with a fertilizer spreader so that you only use what is necessary.

Do your part to protect our area waterways and Lake Erie. For more information, contact the City of Mentor Building and Engineering Department at (440) 255-1100.